Safe diwali essay in english

safe diwali essay in english

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Pollution today poses a major threat to the survival of the world we live. Smoke or dust released in the air is the major type of pollution as it is extremely bad for the humans as it directly affects the lungs. . Sewage, harmful content in drinking water is another major type of pollution that makes people unhealthy and ill because it contains disease-causing germs and viruses. The environmental consequences of sudden rapid industrialization have resulted in various incidents of land, air and water resources sites being contaminated with toxic materials and other pollutants, threatening humans and ecosystems with serious health risks. During manufacturing and construction activities every bit of natural resources is exploited to covert these into goods that fulfil the needs of the countries. A major cause for all the causes listed above is the manufacturing that leads to major types of pollution. People living next to a building site where there is too much noise and construction activities rigorously going on tend to fall sick.

Celebrate an Environmentally safe diwali

Unwanted wastes lying and being decomposed release harmful gases and lead to pollution. Water Pollution wastes disposed of in rivers, oceans act as pollutant in water bodies. Raw sewage, oil spills, chemical refuse, etc create poisonous water and hence lead to water pollution. Air pollution burning of fossil fuels, release of gases from vehicles release mono-oxide, carbon-di-oxide, industrial pollution, nuclear radiations etc lead to air pollution. Noise store pollution vehicle horns, loud music, construction machinery sounds, and other human activities create noise. This affects azam humans and animals, their natural vegetation and create noise pollution. Thermal Pollution manufacturing activities lead to rise in the temperature of water and land. This affects marine and plant life. Such activities lead to thermal pollution. Article on Pollution 3 (600 words).

Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. By following the above simple points, we all can restrict pollution at our own level. Each year millions of people die due to various diseases caused by pollution. The key to live a healthy life is to protect the environment from pollution. The increase in the pollution level over the years by human and natural causes has caused severe damage to the earths ecosystem. Lifestyle, habitat, etc everything is being adversely affected. Though natural causes cannot be stopped, but human beings accidental and deliberate actions can easily be stopped which surely will result in the control of pollution generation. Types of Pollution: Major diary pollutions and their causes: Land Pollution wastes collated at Earths surface, garbage on roads, industrial debris, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

safe diwali essay in english

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Avoid plastic bags and use paper bags. Avoid wastage of paper and use both the sides. Restrict usage of hazardous chemicals. Dont overuse heaters and air conditioners. Use public transport to reduce noise, air and light pollution. Protect Mother Earth by not spilling oil, garbage, sewage water, etc at undesirable places. Stop burning of crackers during marriages, diwali, etc. Dont dispose off eatables, packaging in oceans, rivers, etc.

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safe diwali essay in english

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Article on Pollution 2 (500 words). Pollution is a process of making the environment dirty, unhealthy and unsuitable for humans and animals to live. It is caused due to the release of both montana tangible and intangible contaminants. These can be released naturally or by humans themselves accidentally or deliberately. More than 200 million people are affected due to toxic pollutants. Due to pollution, there are few countries that have faced defected child birth and increase in mortality rate.

Humans are regularly exposed to pollution when they inhale toxic air inside them. Pollution can be controlled, if not eliminated. Efforts such as promoting green environment, proper disposal of waste, etc are simple steps that lead to great emphasis on maintaining the order of environment. Preventive measures: Plant trees/cultivate garden to curb polluted air and release more oxygen. Switch off electricity-based equipments when not in use: lights, fans, machines, etc. Make high use of natural energy than electric energy: dry the clothes naturally. Use summary recyclable products, wherever possible.

It is not only the humans who are affected from this polluted environment but also the animals. Air is filled with highly toxic gases. These dangerous gases in environment are released by the power industries that burn fossil fuels, industries that dispose wastes in the water, farmers using pesticides, high usage of artificial lights and loud sounds, etc. Each of these leads to generation of the life threatening cause pollution. Any use of natural resources at a rate higher than the natures capacity to restore itself can result in pollution of air, water, and land.

Other than human activities, there are a few periodic natural cycles that also result in release of dangerous stuff. Natural activities other than the human activities like volcanic eruption, dust wildfires, etc also result in creation of pollution. Globalization is another major cause of pollution. Globalization has become an effective facilitator of environmental degradation. Conclusion, every individual owns certain responsibility of maintaining few points such as not throwing garbage all around, growing trees, using public transport instead of their own, etc. We must shun excessive consumption and avoid careless and deliberate disposal of post-consumption waste resources which could otherwise be recycled and would led to pollution control. Pollution cannot be reduced or controlled if a sense of responsibility towards our Mother Earth is not felt by all concerned.

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Students need to be made fully aware of the adverse effects of rising pollution. Also, being the future generation, they can summary play a vital role in controlling pollution if they are familiar with business this threat to the survival of mankind. Here we are providing you some useful articles on pollution under various categories according to varying words limits. You can choose any of them according to your need: Article on Pollution 1 (300 words). Anything added into the environment that results in producing harmful or poisonous effect on living things is called pollution. Pollution is the process that makes natures resources such as land, water, air or other parts of the environment unsafe or unsuitable to use. Pollution can be of many types: soil, air, water, thermal, radioactive, noise, and light. The toxins released are inhaled by each one of us while we breathe. Pollution and its causes, inhaling poisonous air is as hazardous as smoking.

safe diwali essay in english

essay by : Anusa, education related video! Below, education related video! Pollution contributes to the harmful environment that results in adverse effect on living beings. It is one of the major concern areas for the whole world. It is a global issue involving the United Nations, governments, voluntary institutions and the media.

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Safe diwali essay in english
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