Barbing salon business proposal

barbing salon business proposal

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Read celebrity magazines, follow renowned hair stylists on Instagram and Facebook and see what their latest offerings look like. And peradventure you employ a staff, get the best. Dont employ rookies because you want to save cost. Read : How to start Snail Farming In Nigeria ยป The beginners guide 2) Get An Accessible location For your shop If you intend to attract the choicest customers, your location must speak for your business. Site your business in a clean, spacious and accessible location. Shopping malls are good locations but you can also find other wonderful locations to plant your shop.

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After taking a look at other lucrative business ideas including commercial cleaning business, laundry and dry cleaning business, bread bakery business, cooking gas distribution business, computer business center, and farming business ideas, starting your own barbing salon business is totally worth the while. Luckily, a good barber shop will always attract new customers, even in a recession. Human hair will not stop growing just because the economy isnt. The average man cares about his look and visits the barbershop every week, parting with between N200 and N5000 as service cost, thereby spending between N800 and N20,000 in a month. Therefore, we can safely assume that a barbershop with an average of 100 customers per month, can earn between N80,000 and N500,000 every month. There are other highly recommended small business ideas for men, but we will be considering this aspect in this article. Therefore, if youre thinking of starting your own salon business, then read database along. 7 Things you need to do before Starting your Barbing Salon Business 1) Get The necessary skills training you must offer your customers the best of services and there is no better way than to get the appropriate training. A six months training in hair cutting, styling, treatment, and care will go a long way to set you apart from the crowd. Much more than everyday style, you need to keep up with styles that are in vogue.

Barbing Salon Business Plan in Nigeria get your own barbing salon business plan in Nigeria here. This business plan can be used to apply for bank loan, seek out investors and be used for business plan competitions. To general place order for your sample barbing salon business plan in Nigeria, call us on: or via email. Go for it people! Barbing Salon Business Plan in Nigeria / feasibility Study manual. Starting a barbing salon business is definitely one business idea that you have to consider. It is not only lucrative but fun and entertaining. When a banker resigns from the banking industry to set up a barbershop, he is either crazy or knows something that most people dont. That was the case for, bruno oaikhinan, the founder, and ceo of Brunos place (one of the top 5 hair salons in Lagos Nigeria ).

barbing salon business proposal

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Hire capable and well trained personnel. As much as you need to make profit, do not charge too much or your clients will run away. Find out what other barbing salons around your area charge and fix yours within the same price range. Trill your customers with new offers or special promos. Half the price off for all new clients free haircuts barb twice and get one free promos will make them clients for life. People make the mistake of wanting everything in proper place before opening for business. I advise that you start small and grow from there. A saying goes like this: Success builds upon success!

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barbing salon business proposal

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You cant afford to put your clients at risk of infections, as it will damage your reputation. Be sure that your tools, work areas, towels and other equipment are washed, clean and odor-free competition It is a bad idea to situate your business very close to another salon as you health will end up cancelling out each other. Instead, try to look out a place where youll be the only barbing annotated salon for a few blocks. However, if you are going to set up your shop in an area where other similar hair services already exists, i advise you expand the range of services you offer. Salons that offer a wide range of services in one setting has added advantage over those who offer only one or two types of services Start Up Capital The amount of capital you need to start the business depends on the type, choice and quality.

List of barbing salon equipment and the basics items you will need: Salon space (Unless you have ample space at home, you will need to rent a shop) Generator Set (For power outages) One or two styling chairs quality hair Clippers A disinfectant container with. Sets of combs, scissors, powder, spirit, lotions etc) Entertainment (tv, dstv, sound System, newspapers/magazines) Dust Pan With Whisk handheld Broom With these items in place, you can start your barbing salon and expand as you begin to make profit. How to make your Clients Stay! Keep your clients satisfied It is important that your business create and maintain the desirable reputation as a quality hair and salon operation. Have the required tools and skill to execute a wide range of hair styles and styles in vogue. Take note of your clients preferences and implement them. Be gentle but time conscious while attending to a client.

You cannot rush into it all in the name of becoming self-reliant or because you have given a few of your friends good haircuts. You will only get yourself into a bigger problem because if you give a not too satisfactory service, you are sure to be shouted on, yelled at or even given a dirty fight. So take some time off and learn what the business demands. Learn different styles in vogue, hair treatment, health and beauty tips and customer care. Dont be in a hurry to become a barbing salon owner. Go through training first, even if you wont be the actual person giving the haircuts in your business!

There are many shops out there that will be more than willing to teach you at cheap rate. The internet is also a good resource place. Register your barbing salon business with the corporate affairs commission Nigeria. Choose the right location a street that is easily accessible from all parts of your desired area. Busy streets, close to a shopping market/ mall, are an advantage. Offer a clean and safe atmosphere. Salons flourish in clean, safe and relaxing environment where customers can receive quick and professional service. Cleanliness is a very important element that can draw clients again and again. Your patrons must be able to trust that the tools and products that you use on them are of top-notch quality and safe.

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Fri, sat, sun 30haircuts x n250 N7500 Total haircuts for peek days: N7500 X 3days n 22,500 vip/Home service a week n1500 X 11 Persons N16, 500 Therefore, the presentation total amount made in a week: N20, 000 n 22,500 N16, 500 N59, 000 Estimated. your guess is as good as mine. However, i asked my barber on more question me : so why are entrepreneurs overlooking this business that is capable of making them good money? Barber : Because it looks dirty and doesnt blow whistle! People naturally like businesses that make lots of noises even if they dont bring in as much money as the noise they make. How to Start a barbing Business in Nigeria when you are planning on setting up a profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria, you should put the following factors into consideration. Experience this is an important step that has to come first owl to succeed as a stylist/barber in this business.

barbing salon business proposal

I development also have 11 vip customers who i give home service. I give all of my vip clients a haircut once week at the rate. Me : (Am Shocked! Quietly, i pick up my phone, go to the calculator app and do the following calculation as a feasibility study on barbing saloon earning potential : Normal haircut cost: N250, vip/ Home service cost: N1500, regular days: Monday thursday (20haircuts each day). Peek days: Friday sunday (30 haircuts each day). To give a minimum of 20 haircuts each day on regular days: N250 X 20 N5000 Total haircuts for regular days (i.e. Mon, tues, wed and Thurs. N5000 X 4days N20, 000 to give a minimum of 30 haircuts each day on peek days (i.e.

always grow. No matter how the economy is, people need their hair cut and since its not something most people can do for themselves, they will always need my services. Me : (what he said was true so i probed more) if you are implying that you make good money, ok, so like how much do you make every day from this business? Barber : ( smiles again). I give a minimum of 20 haircuts each day on regular days. By regular days, i mean from Monday to Thursday. Then from Friday to sunday, i give about 30 haircuts on each of these days, we call those our peak days.

Page, next Page. Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria, the hair barbing salon business remains one of the rapidly growing industries in Nigeria today. . to some people, this venture is for the 3rd class citizens therefore, not a serious money making business. . Are you one of those who assume that barbers are low income earners? You are very wrong! Let me take a little of your time to show you the profits you can make if you will own and run a barber shop today. One day, i was having an at home service haircut. This conversation ensued between my barber and I: me : Bros, do you really make money as a barber? Barber : ( smiles like theres something he fuller knows that I dont know.

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Cranium Filament Reductions is a hair salon located in Shaker Hts., Ohio that allows the entire family to have their hair needs satisfied in one convenient location. Cranium serves men, women, and children and accepts appointments as well as walk-ins. . Cranium also sells retail hair care products. . Cranium is able to serve the entire family in one quick, convenient visit. While there are many "quick salons" like cranium, Cranium will excel due to its attention to detail regarding customer service. Through unheralded customer attention, Cranium will slowly but surely gain market share as it services the entire family, creating long-term relationships. . Lastly Cranium's location will allow it to attract a lot of walk in traffic. After month four, sales will grow steadily for Cranium. Profitability will be reached by month nine and 443,000 in revenue will be earned during business year three with 61,000 in profits.

Barbing salon business proposal
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  6. Read this article to learn how. Here are the things you should know if you wish to start a barbing salon business. Barbing salon business plan ). The executive summary page of the m hair salon sample marketing plan. A business plan for a salon must include a description of the services you will offer, a mission statement that explains why your salon exists, a description of your target audience, an explanation on how you will market your salon to that audience, and your.

  7. Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria - the hair barbing salon business remains one of the rapidly growing industries in Nigeria today. Do you want to start and run a barbershop? Here are 7 things you need to start and run your barbing salon business in Nigeria. Trend Setters hair Studio hair and beauty salon business plan executive summary. Trend Setters is a full-service hair and beauty salon. A simple barbing salon in Nigeria can make you minimum of N600k every month and its the easiest business to start.

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