Business plan report on restaurant

business plan report on restaurant

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Successful design helps to meet owners expectations, which could be estimated as a 20 return on investment (Baraban durocher 2010). Further research should be conducted to decide on the size and storage questions. Once the appropriate size, location, and type of a restaurant were chosen, seeking insurance coverage makes good financial sense. To protect the restaurant from possible risk or harm, insurance coverage is required either by law (workers compensation) or by lenders to protect their collateral (Barth 2007). In cases of workers compensation, employees must fully report to the manager, because the latter pays higher premium than the employee in case the accident is caused by negligence. An efficient insurance policy should cover a loss or damage to the building, loss or damage to personal property, and loss of business income resulting from the interruption of business operations (Barth 2007). Different types of liability insurance represent legal requirements from the governmental side, whose penalties may be imposed on workers and managers (Walker 2008).

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Since licensing authorities may demand modifications to bring restaurant to code, a skilled lawyer should be hired in order to obtain necessary permits (Walker 2008). In case of failure, if the restaurant is purchased it will be possible to sell it, shut it down, or merge with a bigger chain (Reinsford bangs system 2000). One of the best tax related strategies is to start the business for the profit interest and sell it for multiplied earnings (Reinsford bangs 2000). System of accounts should include the following categories: a) the amount of sales of the food and beverages in separate percentage; b) cost of sales of the food and beverages; c) total sales, including costs and amounts; d) operating expenses, which comprise of salary, wages. All these expenses influence the amount of net income (Schmidgall. This balance sheet requires the beginner to study market supply and demand as well as employ the accountant for appropriate finance controlling. Regarding operational issues, restaurant design should not be overemphasized. Decoration of the restaurant should correspond to its type and meet market demands. Design success depends on demographical and psychological preferences of customers preferences in the particular area. Even the problem of chain restaurants is solved, when their design is unified according to common requirements (Baraban durocher 2010). Concept development becomes effective when the stage of renewal requires small design modifications, rather than changing all surroundings entirely.

Loan and equity funds can be provided by local potential sources such as sba (DeFranco lattin 2006). Because newcomers cannot rely on the help from commercial banks, diary there is a possibility for other restaurants share in the business. Buy-back provision can be negotiated in order to purchase the share back based on the agreed formula (DeFranco lattin 2006). Debt service coverage ratio should not be considered risky for the lender so that the loan would not be denied. For example, if the loan is 100,000 it is better to return it in two payments by 50,000 rather than making the ratio 1:1 (DeFranco lattin 2006). Restaurants building and equipment are more likely to be leased rather than purchased. This is because beginner will reduce the investment amount, and if the restaurant does not show sustainable profit, lower loss will be suffered (Walker 2008). The shorter lease with the possibility of renews or equipment replacement is more desirable. Leasing amount generally depends on sales rate and location and range from 5 to 8 (Walker 2008).

business plan report on restaurant

Ppt on restaurant business plan

Brief overview of the estate customers demand allows for division of clients into the apple following categories: 70 high to middle income households, 15 low income households, 10 business and corporate travellers, and 5 international travellers (Full-Service restaurants in us 2010). Moreover, the upcoming year forecasts the following growth of the industry-related aspects: revenue 2, 1, industry value 2, 0, employment 1, 3, and wages 1, 8 (Full-Service restaurants in us 2010). The amount of revenues does not include increase in assets from business loans, receiving checks for future banquets, if any are planned in the restaurant, and sale of capital stock (Schmidgall. Therefore, full-service restaurants give more possibilities to earn higher net profit than limited service restaurants, even though tax rate of the latter is smaller than that of full-service restaurants (Reinsford bangs 2000). After the appropriate type of the restaurant has been chosen, there come the time to look for the profitable geographic area. Newcomer can research which geographical areas are the most preferred by people by means of attending meetings, reading newsletters, and analysing successful restaurants in the area (Arduser 2003). Conducting a survey helps to find out food preferences of the particular age category. This information can be used when deciding what type of food will be served in the new restaurant. To avoid competition pressure, one can create unique menu and design of the restaurant.

These include getting information about lawyers, insurance agents, and accountants, obtaining health and other permits, including license to serve liquor, studying insurance requirements and liability insurance, and selecting business entity (sole partnership, partnership, cooperation, limited liability cooperation) (Hair. It was discovered that in sole partnership one should be extremely effective in managing people and should know how to use investments efficiently (Reinsford bangs 2000). To ensure successful operation planning it is important to consider other stakeholders like employees, vendors, and investors (Reinsford bangs 2000). Main aspects of the concept development can be seen in the map in Appendix 1 of this paper. Getting experience in managing the desirable restaurant, sufficient beforehand planning, and family support will help to lower the risk of the start-up (Reinsford bangs 2000). It is important to choose from the possible types of restaurants: full-service family style, full-service fine dining, quick service, cafeteria etc. Statistics show that total revenue of full-service restaurants declined by 2, 9 and amounts to 178,1 bn (Full-Service restaurants in us 2010). Tax rate for those restaurants decreases their sales by 5 (Schmigdall, hayes ninemeier 2002). Totally, us restaurant business comprises of full-services restaurants (35 quick (limited) service restaurants (31 and others (35 ) (Full-Service restaurants in us 2010).

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business plan report on restaurant

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However, considering the volume of sales, essay which can be calculated by dividing the amount of fixed cost and selling price by the difference of selling price and variable cost per unit, the catering management system has several disadvantages. First, the demand for the product is not taken into account. Second, net profit is not related to the invested capital and becomes direct function of sales turnover (Sethi 2007). Moreover, the rental company has to meet the schedule of providing services to clients: rent chairs, tents, and kitchen equipment (Reinsford bangs 2000). Expenses and profit consideration are central for the arrangement of a catering business. Restaurant concept development requires the newcomer to carefully consideration the numerous issues.

These include concept development issues, which entail gathering information about different types of restaurants, fighting competition that the restaurant will be facing, and search for favourable location (Reinsford bangs 2000). Other aspects to consider are financial issues that include searching for potential sources, which could provide loan and equity funds, forecast potential costs for leasing, buying, or constructing, and studying the uniform system of accounts for restaurants (Walker 2008). Operational issues must also be considered. These include studying the requirements for the optimal size and square footage, safety including kitchen, storage, dining, and lounge areas, using the most outstanding recipes, and looking for reliable restaurant equipment dealers (Alonzo 2007). It should be mentioned that leasing an existing fully-equipped restaurant needs investigation why it went out of business (Reinsford bangs 2000). Finally, legal issues should also be considered.

Literature review thodology and Strategies of Restaurant development. Basic effective steps of the newcomer in the restaurant industry are gaining experience in industry, analysing operational strategies of successful restaurants, and considering the lifestyle of citizens in the chosen area of restaurant location (Reinsford bangs 2000). Management theory in restaurant business studies working process in restaurant premises and defines it as a controlled shop, administrative management, and coordination with employees (Walker 2008). The concept of effective operation planning plays a major role and includes food supply controlling, income and spending of funds, equipment, furniture, and inventories provision for sufficient operation (Alonzo 2007). Marketing theory suggests that it is important to deal with competition of industry premises located nearby, focus on menu selection, and study market efficiency (Walker 2008).

The following methods and strategies were used to study the aspects of the most effective planning of restaurant start-up: a) survey, which helped to determine the most efficient type of restaurant based on peoples preference choices and location; b) comparison, which outlined the main characteristics. Writing the business plan was chosen as a way to create an effective operational action plan to increase owners income and establish efficient management (Alonzo 2007). Significant controversy surrounds the catering management field. Some consider it as a solution to balancing of the work flow, profit increase, and as an option of selling the masterpiece to other restaurants (Reinsford bangs 2000). In this case, franchising becomes an important aspect that helps to mitigate moral issues when high monitoring costs are expected (Alonzo 2007). Third parties agree to cooperate, retail sales and services, and implement marketing methods on their capital costs. Therefore, franchise is a particular product or service (Alonzo 2007). Some researchers claim that catering management is a great contribution to sales during particular season. They also state that less profitable items of its framework should be excluded during the season (Sethi 2007).

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Some newcomers to the industry do not rely on the family support. They use small funds at the start-up stage and do not seek for legal representatives advice (Kotschevar withrow 2007). Some restaurants offer catering services to schools, father's hospitals, and colleges apart from the menu concept approach in their management (Walker 2008). However, this type of business is sufficient in terms of appropriate selection of funds and experience in the industry. Research questions are designed in line with the concept of effective business plan, which describes the key points in operational planning of the business, financing, and managing of the restaurant (Alonzo 2007). According to the above mentioned conditions the main objectives of the proposal are the following: a) remote to select among profitable business entities the one, which will cover the loan equity and fully repay it in 3 years; b) create customer-oriented promotion campaign, which will provide. All main development concepts of profit increasing, risk avoidance, and operation planning facilitation are covered in the business plan.

business plan report on restaurant

The research demonstrated the importance of loans in the start-up stage, efficient methods of pricing calculations, and difference between types of business entities and their dependency on the tax rate. Marketing and management strategies are engaged in efficient business planning. Used scientific methods allowed to outline the following factors to be considered to lower the risk of a start-up: a) customers age and categories of their preferences; b) working hours of the restaurant; c) the amount of profit to be earned in order to minimize. Survey, comparison, calculation, and risk management methods are justified throughout the development of the implementation plan. The main research questions are the following: a) How much funds should be invested in the restaurants start-up to ensure its further successful management? B) reader How to choose the best restaurant type in terms of the geographically location and deductibles for the profit? C) Should the possibility of a franchise be considered to increase the sales level?

he says. "I dropped out of high school, went to work in a restaurant and i've been in the business ever since. . I feel like i'm giving back for all i've done. . I want to pass down what i've learned.". Introduction, restaurant industry is facing three big challenges, namely: a) the industry is labour-intensive and its sales per full-time equivalent were substantially lower than in other industries, approximately 52, 480; b) the record-low unemployment rate of 2 has resulted in a severe labour shortage; c). These and other risk factors result from unconsidered shutdown of the restaurant and insufficient use of the funds. . In order to enter the restaurant industry and achieve success, one should learn marketing and management strategies in depth to be able to deal with financial, operational, and legal issues (Hair, wolfinbarger money 2007). Case study approach to the issue allowed a profound study of intended use of funds needed to open a start-up and to support consequent franchising operations (Bell 2010).

Flay says contestants will have to show more than just a great concept to win. "We challenge the contestants on what it takes to run a successful restaurant. . you'll see cooking challenges, but you might also see them tested on menu creation, uniform development and finding the right slogan. . These are real-life issues when it comes to opening a restaurant.". Adds Ells, "The challenges help us understand the character of the contestants. We want to determine how passionate they are about the restaurant business.". Both men say that it takes a special person yardage to compete on this show. . "If you just want to be on tv, you're out Flay warns. "A successful contestant is one that's driven to spend the rest of their career in the restaurant business.".

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February 10th, 2011 06:55 pm et, celebrity chef and restaurant owner Bobby Flay believes that just about every American has one thing in common: an idea for a great restaurant. "The restaurant business is about the people who have the drive to make their eateries work flay says. "Anyone can make a good pitch, but do they have the personality and drive to make it work and grow?". That's the concept of "America's Next summary Great Restaurant a reality competition show premiering March 6 on nbc. . Each week, flay and three other judges - chipotle founder Steve ells and chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena garcia - will mentor contestants who each have their own restaurant concepts. . The winner will see their concept come to life with a three-restaurant chain financially backed by the four judges. "We're not just judges, we're investors Ells says. "We have a strong interest in making sure that the person who wins this will be successful. . They're not just winning a three-restaurant chain, but the opportunity to grow that chain and make it more valuable.".

Business plan report on restaurant
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