Solar presentation ppt

solar presentation ppt

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Slide13, as Earth moves around the sun, it spins, ora. Slide14, a small chunk of rock or metal that orbits the sun is a(n)a. Slide15, earth travels in a set path around the sun, called itsa. Slide16, the sun, nine planets, their moons, and other smaller objects make up thea. Slide17, a fragment of rock, ice, or metal that has broken off colliding comets or asteroids and burns up in Earthâs atmosphere is known as a(n)a. Slide18, earthâs path around the sun is shaped like a(n)a.

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Earthâs tilted axis as it revolves around the sun. the sunâs position in the sky. Earth moving closer and then farther away from the sun. Slide10, what is market the name of the phase of the moon when it is between the sun and Earth? First quarter moon. Slide11, the sun is actually a hot sphere of gases called a(n)a. Slide12, what is a gibbous moon? A full moon. A crescent moon. A ânearly-fullâ moon. A moon of Jupiter or Saturn.

Chunks of ice and other material that move in long, narrow orbits area. Slide5, to move around an object is toa. Slide6, the path a revolving object moves along is called itsa. Slide7, the cycle of day and night is caused bya. the movement of the moon. Slide8, earthâs parts trip around the sun takesa. Slide9, what causes Earthâs seasons?

solar presentation ppt

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Ppt solar Power PowerPoint presentation free to download - id: database 1455c-MzgyY. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. Get the plugin now, view by category, presentations. Products Sold on our sister site m, about This Presentation, transcript and Presenter's Notes, about. Slide1, solar System review, read each question click to get the correct answer. Slide2, to spin around is toa. Slide3, chunks of rock or metal that orbit the sun are referred to asa.

Idhow-does-solar-power-work ml m power-works/ ml. Recommended, linkedIn Corporation 2018, public clipboards featuring this slide, no public clipboards found for this slide. Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Create a clipboard, you just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility, others can see my Clipboard.

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solar presentation ppt

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The sunlight gives off energy as heat. Solar power is a renewable source of energy. Solar energy can power anything. solar panels are used to essay collect sunlight. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert the sunlight into energy. solar power is source of clean energy.

It does not produce pollution or greenhouse gases or carbon compounds. Solar power would be a lot safer for the environment and a lot better for the health of people. If we dont start using solar power, we would use oil and coal. They produce pollution and will sea cause millions of people to suffer from respiratory related problems. The oil and coal will run out and people will have to resort to other ways of power. solar power accounts for about 1 of the nations power right now. But with the price for solar panels lowering, and the cost for fossil fuels becoming more expensive, solar power could generate about 10 of the countrys power.

There are some slide layouts prepared to be used with PowerPoint graphics, symbols and other PowerPoint charts and illustrations. You can easily switch to use another layout in PowerPoint, but if you have any question you can read our article how to change powerPoint layout. You can also use the planet specific template and layouts to describe each planet in the solar system, including the earth. Finally, this solar system template with dark background is great to make presentations on science projects and astronomy. You can also use this solar system and planet PowerPoint template to create presentations describing the planets, including Earth, saturn, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, Uranus, neptune, pluto, but also for presentations on galaxy, cosmos, outer space, nature heliocentric or any other solar system PowerPoint presentation.

Alternatively you can download other free solar system or solar energy powerPoint templates as well as free astronomy powerPoint templates. download, presenterMedia solar System ppt template. Successfully reported this slideshow. Solar Power Presentation, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More. No downloads, no notes for slide. By jonathan. solar power is energy that comes from the sun.

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Here you can find an awesome solar system PowerPoint template that you can download lined from PresenterMedia with 15 unique slide designs optimized for science projects and presentations on astronomy. This animated solar system PowerPoint template contains unique animations designed for presentations on Solar System but you can also use it for renewable energy presentations or solar energy ppt presentations. The solar system ppt template for Microsoft PowerPoint contains a unique animated solar system PowerPoint design with planets that are revolving around apple the sun. You can download this animated template for PowerPoint to make interactive planet presentations and slides. You can download this solar system planets template for PowerPoint if you need to teach what are the solar system planets and make presentations with facts about the solar system, how old the solar system is or show solar system pictures in a powerPoint presentation. Also you can find solar system planets names like jupiter, mars, earth, saturn, Uranus, neptune mercury and Venus. The solar system template also contains slide layouts prepared for different situations and slide needs. For example, you can use the solar System Orbit slide layout to describe the planets.

solar presentation ppt

There are different kinds of solar inverters. The choice depends on the technical requirements. From a technical viewpoint the difference lies in choosing an inverter with or without transformer. Those without transformers have a higher efficiency. 19 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation 20, inverter Production Required production units: Circuit board manufacturing (Lamination) Circuit board manufacturing (Manual or automatic assembly, welding by reflow furnace. Manual welding is possible, but not recommended) and testing the finished circuit boards Case production Final mounting (circuit gates boards into casing) Calibration / software installation on the end device (may be done while testing the circuit boards) Functional check 20 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation. Download ppt "From Silicon to Electricity solar energy presentation.". Window India Shareware, batch PowerPoint File converter convert ppt to pdf, ppt to gif, ppt to png etc. 1 John Entwistle 19 Shareware, solar Wars is a turn-based space strategy game, based in a distant solar system, with up to thirty.

requirements: -safety for the user with regard to: Electrical safety mechanical safety -easy handling ( by handling technology. Durable electric connections 15 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation 16, production Steps 16 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation 17, solar panel construction 17 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation 18, feeding in electricity Additional requirements: Inverter (one for a previously defined number of panels or pre-defined. Inverters are produced at reasonable prices, one should consider a franchise or cooperation. Feed-in tariffs (taking into account that the house is not self-sufficient with regard to energy electricity is taken from and fed back into the electricity grid) Remote access to electricity production (important for commercial energy farms)? To handle a multitude of minor and major feed-ins the area needs so-called smart grids. 18 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation 19, inverters basic Facts There are different kinds of inverters, ranging from photovoltaic and ups (Uninterruptible power Supply) to lighting (e.g. Ballasts for fluorescent lamps) Solar inverter: A solar inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar cell into alternating voltage. Only alternating voltage can be fed into the grid.

( multi crystalline / mono crystalline thick layer cells) Further option thin layer cells (String ribbon to be carefully considered, since performance is significantly lower than with thick layer cells) Amorphous solar cells (silicon on a backing layer, like glas) Switching from one quality. 4 kontech Gmbh solar energy presentation summary 5, silicon Production 5 kontech Gmbh silicon production, String ribbon (Source: evergreen) Alternatively string ribbon can be produced by the so called octahedron process. Silicon ingot (multi crystalline) Silicon ingot (monocrystalline) solar energy presentation 6, wafers - comparison / Differences 6 kontech Gmbh multi crystalline mono crystalline multi crystalline: Squarish shape, snow flake surface, mainly used for solar panels Mono crystalline : rounded corners, since made from rounded ingots. Technical (Dis)Advantages 7 kontech Gmbh wafer typeAdvantageDisadvantage String ribbonNearly no wasteLow performance String ribbonComparatively cheap production Very special production process Multi crystallineCheaper than mono crystalline good energy efficiency multi crystallineIngot production is simpler than for mono crystalline wafer Less energy efficiency than a mono crystalline. From the clean, etched wafer to the classified wafer going into string production. Solar energy presentation 12, possible factory layout ii (Panel production) 12 kontech Gmbh source: xinology from solar cell to solar panel - this is a fully automatic production line, but steps could be done manually without quality loss. Solar energy presentation 13, production Plant Example 13 kontech Gmbh saw damage etching incl. Assembling Bildquelle rena chemical process.

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Presentation on theme: "From Silicon to Electricity solar energy presentation."— Presentation transcript: 1, from Silicon to Electricity solar energy presentation 2, from Silicon to Electricity 2 kontech GmbH 01Fundamentals Which market to enter? Which customers to target? 02Silizium Production 03Wafer Optical comparison / differences Technical advantages /disadvantages 4Production steps in the factory Production steps, broadly defined Dirty Production Possible factory layouts Typical machinery / equipment 05Solar panel Panel manufacturing / Basic structure 06Feeding in electricity estate 07Inverters solar energy presentation 3, the market. The production of silicon (high-purity silicon) is very energy consuming. This makes it crucial to decide if this production step is outsourced or not. It is a process belonging to the area of dirty production. The choice of silicon production depends on the desired result and the intended quality of the panel.

Solar presentation ppt
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  5. Ppt /pdf document solar, system. Station is your destination for free. Solar energy ppt by shubhajit_b 185943 views. Free download solar presentation ppt, files. The solar system, pPT template for Microsoft.

  6. Solar, system, powerPoint, pPT. Solar, energy, powerPoint, pPT. Solar, power, powerPoint, pPT. 17, solar panel construction 17 kontech GmbH. Download Note - the.

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